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Woody’s Round Up Rodeo

 Woody’s Round Up Rodeo dining at Hollywood Studios!

I was able to experience the new Woody’s Round Up Rodeo at Hollywood Studios this pas month and loved it!  The meat choices were great!  They even offered vegetarian choices or salmon in place of other meats.  I really appreciated this choice as I can’t do beef. For me if I have a chance for ribs (pork, of course) I am all about it!!  The chicken was good and tasty-you could even add your own sauces that were at the table.  I was not as thrilled with the sausage as the chicken or ribs.

Loved the 8 side choices that you could choose from.  You get to pick 4 for the table.  We chose Macaroni and cheese, fried pickles, loaded tater totes and street corn.  My absolute favorite was the street corn!!  If I had space I would have eaten more of that for sure.  Next was the deep fried pickles-they were dill spears.  Next was the macaroni and cheese-this had crumbled goldfish crackers on top.  Last was the loaded tater tots.  these were good but nothing special in my opinion.”

The meal starts with 3 side salads which were wonderful!  Also,  more on the healthier side.  We had a watermelon salad, , cumber and tomato salad and lastly but not least, was the kale salad.  I thought each of these were wonderful and good size dishes for the table. You also received these amazing cheddar corn biscuits with pepper jelly.  I was apprehensive of the jelly but ended up loving it and using it for a dip.

Dessert is your choice out of 5.  each person selects their own dessert. Our table tried The cheesecake, the chocolate silk pie and peach and strawberry pie.  Cheesecake was loved!  This person loves lemon.  The chocolate silk pie was incredible!!  The peach and strawberry pie was not very peachy at all but tasted good.

Make sure to come with your appetite as their is a lot of food!  The food and atmosphere were excellent!  The atmosphere was very fun especially when Andy came into the area and everyone (guests and wait staff) had to freeze).  I would recommend this if you are lucky enough to get a reservation.  It is very popular and I can see why. Reach out with any questions for me!

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