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Wild Africa Trek at Disney

Have you heard about the Wild Africa Trek at Disney??  LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I recently did this for the first time but certainly not the last. You can participate in the early morning or midday tour.  I choose the midday tour.

We checked into the Wild Africa Trek right next to the Kilimanjaro Safari entrance. It is very clearly marked as well as being advised to arrive at least 20 minutes PRIOR to tour.  Paperwork needs to be filled out BEFORE going on tour as well as proper fitting of harness.  You must weigh between 45 and 300 pounds to participate in the tour.  Also, at least 8 years of age (with a 18 year old or older with them).

Disney is very careful to weigh you to determine the right size harness for you.  Don’t worry you don’t need to see or know the weight but you will have to get on the scales. Checking the harness multiple times prior to starting the trek as well as during the trek make you feel safe.  Tour guides give you your stainless steel Wild Africa Trek at Disney thermos to use while on the tour.  It is a great souvenir to take home as well.  Any extra items go into a locker-this includes hats, cameras, etc. to avoid them falling into the animal enclosures.

If you want to take your sunglasses/regular glasses they give you a cord for them and make sure they are well attached and connected to you.  If you choose to take your cell phone you are give the use of a cord that attaches to your harness. Cast members on your tour will take additional photos of you out on the tour.  Additional photos of animals are also taken which you can download after the tour.

Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek

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