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Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom

Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom is amazing!!! I cannot recommend this Tour enough.  The tour is about 3 hours and the first half of it is spent walking and getting an up close look with the animals.

When I checked in back by the entrance to the Kilimajari Safari and was suited up. Then they checked, double checked and even triple checked before even leaving the station.  Disney takes safety VERY seriously.  I enjoyed being greeted, get to sign a waiver then you are weighed.  I did not need to see the weight, they just needed to know I fit the criteria (75-300 pounds) so I could be suited up.

You are then given a stainless steel water bottle to fill and keep.  Lockers are provided for guests to put everything into before putting on the suit.  My sunglasses were given a cord to keep them attached to me, just like my cell phone if you want to take it with you.  Otherwise, everything is left so it does not fall into where the animals are.  It is not healthy for the animals.  Basically, if it can’t attach to you it stays behind.

We then left to see the hippos from behind then off to more hippos and of course the crocodiles. Yes, you walk across the “rickety” bridge, twice. After about your initial 90 minutes you get in a raised Jeep and off for a special view of the Savannah including up close and personal with many animals.  I enjoyed an amazing lunch!!  Don’t worry if you have food allergies just make sure you note them on your reservation.  Disney does a great job taking care of you! This is such an opportunity to really watch and enjoy the animals and their behaviors.  I am sure you will see things you never saw before-we saw the giraffes running for their afternoon snacks.

The Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom is amazing and you will ant to check it out!! Check out out tips

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