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Why I walk so much

I am sure many of you wonder why I walk so much.  The answer is easy, it keeps me in shape for Disney. 
I know this sounds funny but it's true.
With the pandemic I went from walking about 11,000 steps/day to about 17.000 steps/day (Keep in mind these are minimums).  You can see why I walk so much. I highly recommend getting yourself a tracking device, another option is to use your phone.  Many phones have apps already on them or apps that you can add to track your steps.  My preference is Fitbit.

1-Tracking my steps:

Tracking my steps, my calories burned and being active every hour for at least 250 steps is very important to me. Tracking my steps reminds me of why I walk so much.  Keeping up with the prior week is my goal.  Watching the calories I burn let me know if I can afford to have a treat (like a Mickey Bar).  lastly, moving at least 250 steps keeps me from spending the day in a chair working and not moving-this is probably most important!  What motivates you to walk?

2-Taking up jogging:

Ten years ago I took up jogging/running.  Running a Disney half marathon was my goal and I achieved it, twice.  I am very proud of this accomplishment and look at the medals proudly.  While training to do the fun I did many a 5 K runs and slightly longer ones as well.  At that time I ran 3 half marathons in about 1.5 years and got better with each run.  Then, I hit a wall as they say.

3-Run for the villains:

I ran the Inaugural 10 mile Tower of Terror Run.  My belief was it was “only” 10 miles and it was at night.  Sadly, it was incredibly hot and humid.  What I mean by this is temperatures in low 80’s and humidity in low 90’s when the race started at 10 PM.  I think it was the hardest race I ever ran but I finished it.  To say I did not feel well when I was done is an understatement.

4-Time passes by:

Time flew by as well as several years before I got back into walking, sadly, no running.  Believing that the brisk walking was still an excellent choice for me I have persevered!  I also want to say, whether you stroll, walk, jog or run, the important thing is just to keep moving.  I actually love my morning walks and look forward to them!

Why I walk so much? To be ready to keep up walking at Disney and truly enjoy the Disney experience.  I recommend to people to start walking 30 minutes a day about 6 months prior to going to Disney.  You can thank ME later.  Now go lace up those shoes and have some fun!

Disney Princess Half Marathon with A Walk in the Park with Colleen

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