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Why I help plan magical visits to Disney??

Ever wonder why I help plan magical visits to Disney??  The answer is simple, my family.

Many years ago my husband and I found out we could not have children.  We made a decision to take our nieces and nephews to Disney once the youngest was 5. We would pay for their trip in full.  This became such a popular event for them as well as for me and my husband-so many memories were made!!  Then as they got older and we completed these trips my husband said “we need to do something more for them”. Ask him what? He suggested that once they graduated from high school they could go on a trip with just us anywhere in the continuous 48 states. To date we have completed 8 of 9 and all have been at Disney. Each a bit different as each had different special requests.

They first trip was good but not great.  I believed that they deserved great so I started doing lots of research.  Please keep in mind that this started over 25 years ago and the web has changed a lot since then.  More information is available now then it was.  My mission was to know more and not make rookie mistakes.  The goal was to travel through the Disney parks like a pro and we do/did.

As friends and other family members saw or heard all that was happening they looked at me for advice and consultations.  I was and still am very happy to help them. This is how A Walk in the Park with Colleen started. Me wanting to make the best time for my nieces and nephews which made me learn more.  They joy I feel when I helped them or created for them a magical vacation.  Since then my clients have become by nieces and nephews.  I now create magic for them.

are you ready for me to create magic for you and your family?  If yes, then let’s talk. Disney is all about the magic and the memories.  What ones will you make and have?? This is why I help plan magical visits to Disney.

TSM John and IJD and Arielbreakfast with Cinderella and A Walk in the Park with ColleenFishing Excursion at Disney with A Walk in the Park with Colleen

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