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Why I do what I do

Some of you know that my business idea started many years ago when I learned my husband and I were unable to have children.

We made a decision to take our nieces and nephews to Disney as children and for them to have a great time.  With the first trip I learned I had much to learn and so I did and continue to.

Then my husband decided we needed to do more, so the idea of taking each on a week trip once they graduated high school was born.  The trip had to be in the connected 48 states. To date, the 6 we have taken have all chosen Disney.  We have 3 more to do and it is looking like Disney for all of them.

Taking them as adults is much different than taking them as a child.  They see us as adults and we see them as adults, it really creates a relationship for life and it is wonderful.

This last trip was wonderful and I just wanted to share how anything is possible, especially when you believe.  Thank you to all my nieces and nephews who mean the world to me!!

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