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Why do I keep going back to Disney?

To answer that in a word, magic.

To me Disney is a magical place.  I have magical moments when I am there. Sometimes it is me with the characters-my husband laughs at me about my pictures with Gaston-he says I look like the swooning ladies in the movie.  I of course do not see that, lol.

Also, when I have gotten my picture taken with Cruella, yes I know what she does with the dogs (or wants to), but I can’t help but smiling.

These are not just characters in a movie , they are REAL! They feel and sound and look real when you are with them.  They are REAL!!

Let’s not forget about the magic moments I can give to people.

I took a  wonderful friend of mine who had lost an opportunity to see the castle lit up for Christmas due to her travel partner at the time.  When she traveled with me I told her the lights would not be there early January) but I knew they would  be there.  We came out of Be Our Guest from dinner and the lights we on, we both cried.  It was magical.

Or when I give my Disney pins to kids for trading when they don’t have the.  Especially the time I was approached by a Mom and daughter, they thought I worked there, the daughter had brought the wrong pins and wanted new ones to trade.  They were going to buy some (they probably did buy a few), so I handed about 6-7 of them to the little girl and she lit up.  She went from being afraid she had upset her Mom and finding out she had brought the wrong pins to a magical moment from her.

Watching my nephew eat a ice cream Sundae that he was able to get, or seeing my husband meet his idol Stitch, my niece seeing the fireworks at the Dessert Party, and so many more.

This is why I go back to Disney again and again, MAGIC.

Now, go find your magic at Disney!!


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