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Why do I keep going back to Disney?

Planning at Disney is different for every group I go with that is why I keep going back.

When you go to Disney with someone who has never been it becomes like the first time for me.  You see Disney through their eyes and it is all new again.  You start to notice different Disney subtleties or nods to specific people in Disney history.  You may find another hidden Mickey-yes they are all over the parks, resorts and anywhere on property.  It is all new to me again.

If you go with someone who has been before but they didn’t know how to maximize their times in the parks so they did not have a great time but hopefully, a good time, it is new to them.  They find out they can have a great time at Disney without rushing around or going from open to close (yes I still do some all days as it can be great fun) but only if they want to.  This last trip of mine I was two friends.  One who had gone but didn’t maximize her time and didn’t feel great about her trip.  The other was a prior client who was the “leader” when she went-she had a great time, but this time she was not the leader she got to just follow.  Both had a great time and learned you could have a great time without stress or rushing.

Every time my husband and I take one of our nieces or nephews it is magical!  They have a great time and each gets to do something totally different and totally special for just them!  It could be a day at the spa, the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, the Fireworks Dessert Party and so many other choices!! Watching how they react to it all is magic to me and really warms my heart.  Being able to create this magic, with the help of Disney, it truly makes me feel great!

My goal for each trip, whether it is me going or one of my clients, is to create the opportunity for a magical moment.  You may ask what is a magical moment?  The answer is when you have a very special moment that creates such magic and such an incredible memory that it literally can make you cry.  I think of taking a friend who we thought would not get to see the icicle lights on Cinderella’s Castle, only to find out she would be able to.  When we came out of Be Our Guest and walked out she say the lights-we both cried, or when my niece got to meet Eeyore, her favorite!  Or with clients who we had made a dining reservation at Chef Mickey and when Mickey came to the table here grandson ran up to him and said “I love you so much Mickey” or when a little girls dream was to see Gaston and when she did, she ran to her Mom after and said to her ” I love you so much”.  Those are Disney moments.  I hope you have some yourself.

This is why I keep going back to Disney-the magic of Disney.

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