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Which Disney Park do I want to be in today?

Does it really matter which Disney park I go into on a particular day?  The answer is a very loud YES!!  Being in the right park for the right day can be the difference between a good day in the park and a great day in the park.  I want you to have a great day!!

We had spoken about the affects of Extra magic Hours on the parks earlier this week with rope drop.  It is important to know when these are.

It is also important to know what events can and do affect the crowd levels. I recommend checking out WDW Prep link: https://wdwprepschool.com/disney-world-crowd-calendar/   

This can also be very helpful for park hours and any extra magic hours or special event hours.  It can be used to determine which park is the best park to be in on which day.  My husband and I kid “it is Monday it must be Epcot”.  Also, Monday is NOT your best choice for Magic Kingdom.  It really does make a difference on which Disney park you plan to go into each day.

Keep in mind that you are making dining reservations for Disney 180 days out.  Make sure to check these calendars BEFORE making those reservations.  You want to plan for a great time at Disney.  Another reason that planning at Disney is so important!  Remember it is a plan not a schedule.  Stay flexible and have great fun!!

Do not under estimate the crowd levels for 3 day weekends!  Many people get the same idea as you, miss less days of school, work, etc. by linking to a long weekend. You can definitely go but understand the crowds will be larger.

I hope this has helped you.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or put them in comments.

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