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What to pack for trip to Disney

We all want to have everything we need but we don’t want to overpack either (especially with cost of luggage on flights).

First thing to determine is how many days of clothes you need.

Will you have access to washer and dryer (if yes, bring detergent pods)?  With this you need to decide if you want to be doing laundry while on vacation.

Check your weather forcast to make sure youa re packing for the right weather.  Aso, I have a light nylon jacket I also bring for two reasons. One, it usually will start cool in the morning and two, the AC at table service or indoor rides can get cool.  It is light and easy to carry or pack away into bag for storage.

You need to think shirts, shorts, pants, socks, undergarments, COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES, sandals, dress shoes (if needed), hats, sunglasses, swimsuits, laundry bag, toiletries, IMPORTANT PAPERWORK, Magic Bands, ponchos, slippers, first aid kit, sunscreen, antibacterial wipes,  wet wipes, tylenol/motrin, anti nausea pills, anti diarrhea pills, benadryl, cell phone, cell phoine charger/battery pack, tissues, hats, moleskin, lanyards, pins, jacket, and autograph book with pen.

These are just some of the main things. Remember your medicines if needed.

I still look at it as I woudl rather over pack then underpack.  Only so much room in the suitcase.  Enjoy your trip!!wd023wdw2015090212432228_7505267848_18

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