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What resort to stay at on site??

When planning at Disney it is important to think about many factors as you want the best experience for your family or travel party. Things to consider are:

1-Cost        2-Location       3-Size of travel party   4-Amenities desired   5-Closeness to certain parks   6-Themeing      To name just a few.

For cost you can have a value resort.  These rooms are smaller and generally have 2 full size beds (although updates are going on especially at Pop Century to Queen size).  There are limited number of suites available to support 5 person parties at Art of Animation and All Star Music.  Themeing is still wonderful but not as many amenities as more upscale resorts or any table service options.  My favorite is Pop Century.

Next is moderate resorts.  These are larger rooms with 2 queens size beds.  Generally a nicer more upscale feel to them.  You get table service options and also hot tubs at the resorts as well as other amenities.  My favorite is  French Quarter.

Your next is Deluxe.  These are the largest of the rooms and have the most amenities and table service options.  You can really feel like a princess here. My favorite is Polynesian.

The largest space are the Deluxe Villas.  These have full kitchens and much more living space.  If you are planning to spend a fair amount of time in your room then this may be a great choice for you.

Let’s not forget the campgrounds.  You can rent a cabin or bring your tent, trailer or RV to enjoy this Wilderness adventure.

Location can be a big factor.  If you plan to spend most of your time at Magic Kingdom and Epcot then maybe being on the monorail resorts is best for you.  It will be a quick trip for you to the parks but remember that all these are deluxe resorts. You may plan to spend most of your time at Epcot (say during Food & Wine Festival) so you want to me at resorts close to that-like Boardwalk, Beach and Yacht Club Resorts.

Size of your travel party-Remember that these rooms are mostly geared to 4 people.  You may need to pick a room that can handle 5 or even more.  The other option is two rooms-requesting adjoining rooms is important.

Amenities desired-You want to be spoiled and have great table service easily available you may need to go to moderate or deluxe.  All resorts have walking/running trails but only deluxe have fitness centers.  What is important to you??

Closeness to certain parks-We have talked about this with the various resorts.  Check a map or ask your Disney agent or Regular Disney Travel Agent for advice on locations.

Themeing-If you have a certain feel or aura you want then your resort location should reflect that. Imagine waking up to seeing animals out your window? Then you need Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Remember you have many choices. Make sure to do your research (or ask your Travel Agent) for what would be best for your travel group.  Have fun on your Disney Experience!! #disneyplanning, #disneyworld, #disneyvacations, #planningatdisney

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