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What makes Disney my Happy Place!

When I go to Disney I feel like a child!  I feel that anything is possible and dreams really do come true. I get caught up in the moment of meeting my favorite character or even if they are not. They are REAL!! Being at Disney is real!! It is fun and full of life!! I love watching people, young and old, see Cinderella’s Castle for the first time or meet Mickey Mouse! The look on their face lights up the whole world and they believe anything is possible!!

Joy and happiness are words that come to mind when I think of Disney or those magic moments when someone gets caught up in the #DISNEYMAGIC! PRICELESS!  My best times at Disney are when I take friends or family members who have never been or never been with someone that knows the ins and outs of Disney and just watching them EXPERIENCE it all!! It is magical!!

So, when someone asks me , “Are you going back to Disney again”, I reply yes, and they ask me why, I tell them ‘for the magic of it all”. It’s all about the magic.

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