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What Disney feels like now

I want to talk about what Disney feels like now.  The feeling is definitely different but also, the same.  The magic is there and I would recommend going.  With that being said,  I would also not recommend it to certain travel parties.  Let’s talk about the pros and cons.


-Having to wear a mask all the time.

-Needing to keep 6 feet away from people

-Character meet and greets are not happening

-To avoid people grouping together no fireworks or parades

-In order to enter a park, you must have a Park Pass and Park Hopping is not allowed

-The park hours are shorter than “normal”


-Crowds are much lower, resulting in lower wait times

-No need to camp out for a parade or firework spot in advance

-Cavalcades are a great new way to enjoy seeing characters.  Also, unusual or rare characters are out

-Short wait times mean seeing more and doing more

-You don’t need to necessarily, be at the park first thing.  Also, your nights are not so late and crazy.

-Enjoying your resort is easier because of the shorter park days.  Another option is exploring and enjoying Disney Springs.

-Cast members want to create a magical experience for you!!

I spent several days in the parks in July and truly felt the magic!  It’s recommended to plan for a more relaxed day.  The reason is because it is really a slower pace than usual.  It is amazing how much you can do, see and experience in a short period of time. An example is, I had a goal to ride Soarin’ 10 times in one day.  Because of the low crowds, I was able to accomplish this!!  What goal would you like to accomplish?  What would you like to try that normally you couldn’t??

When you are ready to dream big, let’s talk about what Disney feels like now!!

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