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What a day in the park looks like to me

I am sure you have wondered what a day in the park looks like for me. Here is my last visit with a day at Magic Kingdom and heading over to Epcot for the evening to see Illuminations for the last time.  FP means Fastpass, ADR is Advanced dining Reservations and BTMR is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Mon 8/19- Magic Kingdom day and Epcot night

Was on bus by 749 AM to magic Kingdom.  **Tried new technique of putting all my vest items into a clear galloon size Ziploc bag to get through security.  I carried that bag in a cinch backpack that I then could put into the vest back pocket when through security.  It worked great!! I also think that the security people liked it-easier for them to check my bags.**

Original FP & ADR-FP 1120 Haunted Mansion, ADR 12 Jungle Navigation, FP 105 Buzz, FP 405 BTMR

We used the FP’s for Hm and Buzz as well as ADR for Jungle Navigation, but made a decision to drop the BTMR and get a new one earlier

We were first boat at Pirates, then to BTMR (posted 20 min wait-wasn’t)off at 935, then to Splash (posted 20 min wait-accurate) we met a nice couple from NYC and gave them helpful hints for the park.  Off ride at 1035, then to Aladdin (15 min wait) off 1115, FP 1120 Haunted Mansion, off at 1135 AM.

Off to Jungle Navigation for lunch.  Got to try a new room here.  Lunch was wonderful. ADR Noon

Off to FP Buzz 105 (got their about 110), then changed BTMR to 125 Under the Sea Ride, then we started the extra FP’s. FP Small World 150, FP 210 Pooh Ride, FP 230 Philharmagic, Rode Carousel as 5 minute wait, FP 255 Laugh Floor, FP 4 Buzz done by 415 went to Plaza, arrived 420 PM) for original ADR 525 we had changed it earlier to 435 PM to get an earlier start to Epcot. (Total rides at this point 13).

Left for Epcot after a nice dinner at The Plaza.

Rode Spaceship Earth, The Land and FP Nemo.  Walked to Germany for Caramel Corn, then stopped at China for Chinese Acrobats, then rode Gran Fiesta at Mexico.  Total rides for day 17!!

Watched Illuminations back by bridge from World Showcase to Future World for quick getaway.  Back at the resort by 944 PM and in room-Amazing!!

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you maximize your time with the Fastpasses!! How many can you use??  Here is a link to help you: Disney fastpass

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