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Walking at Disney

Do you have any idea what the average mileage is for walking at Disney?  The answer is between 7 and 8 miles, yes 7 and 8 miles.

It is so important to be prepared when you are starting your Disney adventure to be prepared.  One way to prep is by walking BEFORE you go. I recommend starting with 30 minutes per day and increasing to 60 minutes.  Your feet and body will thank you later.  it is impossible to do all the walking at Disney.

Also, make sure to have shoes that are broken in.  You do not take new or newish shoes to Disney, that is a sure way to sore feet.  It’s also a good idea to bring Band-Aids just in case you get a blister on your foot or feet. If it starts early in the day and you don’t have one you can certainly go to the first aid building in any of the Disney parks.

Be prepared to walk while at Disney.  Here is a side note, if someone in your party is in a wheel chair or ECV make sure they are aware of all the walking you are doing.  This may mean slowing down their scooter as the day moves on.  People in the ECV or wheelchair please be aware of the walking your family or friends are doing.

Let’s talk then you walk!

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