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Walk, walk, walk!

By this I mean, start walking BEFORE you come to Disney!! Disney is huge, over 40 square miles!!!  You will do so much walking while you are at Disney it is best to prepare.  This may be doing it before work, or while on lunch break or even on a coffee break.  I can not over  emphasize the importance of preparing your body and feet for Disney!

Walking BEFORE arriving at Disney should be in your plans as well.  I recommend 30 minutes a day and if you want to go more it will only help you. It would be considered a short day at Disney to have less than 5 miles in.  Usually it is closer to 8 or 9, higher if at Epcot.

Get some of your favorite tunes (I love Disney tunes) and start walking.  You will thank me when you get back.

Here is a plan by Very Well Fit: Walking Plan I also love  Leslie Sansone !  She has videos that start with 1 mile and you can grow with it.

Walking is important to your success at Disney!

My walking tip   One step at a time!


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