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Universal Studios and Harry Potter World

Have you been to Universal Studios and Harry Potter World?  If not I would definitely recommend it.  Last month I did my trip to Disney and added a couple days at Universal Resort to check it all out.  It was great!


1-I stayed on site at Hard Rock Hotel and it was the best choice!  The location is perfect!! You can walk to the park sand to City Walk or take a boat-either is 5 minutes, I tested this. The staff was great at the resort!!  From bells services to the bar tender and staff. We went to The Kitchen for breakfast and for dinner where we enjoyed both. It is important to make reservations to do this.  Either on the Universal Website or through Open Table.

2-Another perk for staying there was the Unlimited Express Pass.  I HIGHLY recommend this extra cost.  
You will enjoy your time in the parks much more and cut down on your wait times immensely.  
Think of it as taking away your stress.  Also, make sure if you are looking to see all of Universal Studios and 
Harry Potter World that you get the 2 parks in 1 day ticket (2 of the 1 park in 1 day does not work the same-
you don't get onto the Hogwarts Express). NOTE: Make sure to ride Hogwarts Express BOTH ways-
you see different things out the windows.


1-I found the Revenge of the Mummy and the new Hagrid’s Motorcycle Ride to be a bit too intense for me.  That being said I did not go on the rides that are crazy roller coasters-not a fan either.  I loved the pumpkin juice and butterbeer to be very good.  Caution-the butterbeer is very sweet-more of a dessert beverage in my opinion. Definitely check out the maps BEFORE getting to the parks to put your best plan together so you can enjoy your trip more. I am happy to have a free 30 minute consult  with you.

Definitely check out Universal Studios and Harry Potter World!  Remember to get the 2 parks in 1 day ticket as well as the Unlimited Express Pass.

Hogwarts Castle


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