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TRON ride at Magic Kingdom

Are you ready to ride Tron at Magic Kingdom?  I am and I did.  I was fortunate to have the annual passholder preview for Tron in March. The ride was and wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Here is what I thought it would be:

-Longer, it is only 2 minutes long. After waiting in line the ride seemed over in no time at all.

-More intense, it was intense for about 20-25 seconds only.  BUT it really was fast.

-I was concerned that due to my Pooh size I would have an issue riding or getting on motorcycle and I did not.

-Anticipated a better preshow and something different while in the queue.

Her is what was as expected:

-A fast ride, fastest roller coaster at Disney now.

-Speed, you definitely get some speed on this ride.

-It helps to know the background on the Tron movie and what happens in it.

-You will be waiting even with virtual queue (previews give an idea of virtual queue lines)

Wonder how to ride now:

-Virtual  queue at 7 AM and 1 PM each day.  The slots go Very quickly so you need to be fast.

-Pay for individual lightning lane.

Things to know in advance:

-Minimum height is 48 ”

-Your personal belongings will go into lockers (no fees)

-You will be waiting in sun (usually) for some of the time so be prepared

-You will have a great time on the Tron ride at Magic Kingdom!


Please reach out with other questions.

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