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Traveling to Disney with toddlers!

We talked about seniors now let’s talk about traveling to Disney with toddlers.

Traveling to Disney with toddlers can be a magical and memorable experience for both children and parents. Disney parks are well-equipped to accommodate families with young children, and there are plenty of attractions and services designed with little ones in mind. Here are some tips to help make your trip to Disney with toddlers enjoyable:

  1. Plan Ahead:
    • Research the park you’ll be visiting and familiarize yourself with the attractions and services available for toddlers.
    • Make a flexible itinerary, but be prepared to adjust it as needed to accommodate your child’s needs and moods.
  2. Stroller Rental:
    • Consider renting a stroller in the park or bringing your own. Strollers are a convenient way to transport tired little ones, and you can easily store your belongings in them.
  3. Use Rider Switch:
    • If you have older kids or adults in your group who want to experience more thrilling rides, take advantage of Rider Switch. This allows one person to wait with the toddler while the others ride, and then switch places without waiting in line again.
  4. Character Meet-and-Greets:
    • Toddlers often enjoy meeting Disney characters. Check the park schedule for character meet-and-greets, and be prepared for photo opportunities.
  5. Height and Age Restrictions:
    • Check the height and age restrictions for rides and attractions. Some are suitable for toddlers, while others may have height requirements.
  6. Baby Care Centers:
    • Disney parks have Baby Care Centers equipped with changing tables, nursing rooms, and feeding areas. These are great places to take care of your toddler’s needs in a comfortable environment.
  7. Rest Breaks:
    • Toddlers can get tired easily, so be sure to take breaks for naps or simply to relax. Disney parks have quiet and shaded areas where you can sit and rest.
  8. Snacks and Meals:
    • Bring snacks and small meals for your toddler, as well as their favorite sippy cup or water bottle. Disney also offers a variety of dining options suitable for kids.
  9. **FastPass+ or Genie+:
    • Utilize Disney’s FastPass+ (or Genie+ depending on the current system) to reserve access to popular attractions in advance, which can help minimize wait times for your child.
  10. Child Identification:
    • Make sure your toddler has some form of identification on them, just in case they get separated from you. Consider using a safety wristband with your contact information.
  11. First Aid:
    • Know the location of the First Aid stations in the park in case of any medical needs for your child.
  12. Bring Essentials:
    • Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and any necessary medications.
  13. Enjoy the Parades and Shows:
    • Parades and shows are often very entertaining for toddlers. Plan to attend some of these during your visit.
  14. Capture the Magic:
    • Take lots of photos to remember the special moments of your toddler’s first Disney experience.

Remember to be flexible and patient, as traveling with toddlers can be unpredictable. Allow for downtime, and focus on creating a magical experience that suits your child’s pace and preferences. Disney parks are well-prepared to cater to families with young children, so you can relax and enjoy the journey with your toddler.

let's talk about you traveling to Disney with your toddlers today!

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