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Traveling this holiday season

Let’s face it, we are all anxious to be traveling this holiday season to see family and friends.  I am definitely on this list as I am ready to go.  Sadly, it does not look like I will be traveling this holiday due to many reasons.  The list includes my husband cannot get time off from his job as it is a very busy time of year for them.  What this means is if I travel, then he has to quarantine for 14 days away from me and away from home.  I do not believe that this is fair to him.

I know it is an important time of year for family for many.  Also, we have friends and family that we may only see this time of year.  Let’s not forget that their are friends and family who may not be here next year to celebrate the holidays with.  This hits very close to home for me.  Please, if you are traveling be careful!

Here are some tips for keeping safe per the  CDC.  I know you have heard these tips before but they bear repeating.  Please wear a mask in public and maybe in private.  Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water.  Sanitizers are a good idea to use on a regular basis. Avoid contact with people who are sick and if you are sick avoid others.  Keep 6 feet away from people as much as possible.  Lastly,  keep your hands away from nose, mouth and eyes.  Think about your loved ones as you do these.

Definitely, check into where you are traveling to see what guidelines you need to follow.  If you are from New York State, as I am, check the quarantine list.  As we continue through this ever challenging time please be kind.  Be kind to family , friends, co-workers and those who are working.  Perhaps even  more so to those that are not.  We will get through this and traveling this holiday season is possible, please just be careful.  You are cared for and loved, more than you know.

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