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Traveling for the holidays

Are you traveling for the holidays?  Make sure to be prepared for things like:

1-Gas prices


3-Food and pit stops

4-Heavy traffic


6-Holiday Stress

Any and all of these things (and many more) can make holiday traveling challenging.  It is most important to be prepared and ready for this to happen. Ways to do this are:

1-Anticipate gas prices and plan for higher rates

2-Check the weather the week leading up to travel and day of travel

3-May want to pack food and beverages for your trip.  Know where the rest areas and restrooms are on your trip

4-Anticipate the heavy traffic and try to be patient

5-Add extra time into your travel for unplanned delays or stops

6-Holiday is an exciting time in our lives but it also causes stress for gifts, family, and expectations. Try to prepare for this.

The importance of seeing friends and family at the holiday time cannot be under estimated.  many of us look forward to it!  Yes, some we are not so excited to see but mostly they are.  Don’t let one person ruin your holiday time or plans.

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For better travel at the holidays it is important to plan.  This goes fore any time you choose to travel.  With some careful planning and planning for “what if’s” you can make your holiday travel a much better time of year. If you are traveling this holiday season remember to plan. Plan for fun!

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