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Travel to those places?

Would you consider traveling to places other than Disney?  Great!  I can help you.  Think of me as that special person that takes care of you and cares about your vacation plans. I care about your vacation plans being all that you dream of and want.  When you want to take the stress away and put the fun in, that’s when we should talk.  let’s get you to travel to those places, other than Disney.

Planning a vacation can take a great deal of stress, time and energy just to have a fair to good time.  Are you ready to have a great time and learn about things you can do that you didn’t even know about?  How about those out of the way places or restaurants or shops that are there hidden away? I want to teach you about them once I know what you like.  Getting to know YOU, YOUR dream, YOUR hopes, YOUR wants, that is what it is all about for me.  This is how I can help YOU!

Right now traveling is a true challenge.  That does not mean you cannot travel.  Travel to places in the United States can be challenging now as well. Maybe, it means some place closer to home where you don’t need to board a plane.  How about a drive to a great destination?  it is possible and I really believe you could probably use a change of scenery to lift your spirits about now.

I understand that Disney is not everyone’s happy place.  My goal is for you to have a happy place, wherever that may me, and traveling to those places.  Let me help you get to your happy place where you will enjoy your vacation at last!!

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