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Travel in the pandemic

Travel in the pandemic is the big question people are asking. This post is based upon my personal experiences as well as my readings.  I recommend checking into all resources.  Here is a list of some:

CDC (Center for disease control)                  –Cruise ships

-Restrictions by state.                                     –Disney know before you go

I am cautious about travel currently.  Take the CDC recommended precautions always!  I currently would not look to go outside of the United States at this time. My reasoning is that I would be concerned about your trip getting shortened.  Other concerns are getting sick and not being able to come home.  Also, your trip may not offer everything you are looking to do. You can see what threat level the CDC and other travel organizations have travel for outside the US.

Traveling in the United States is probably your best choice.  It is easier to get back home.  Yes, you will be limited on what is open here in the US.  Do your research BEFORE you travel and keep up to date on any changes.  Sadly, restrictions and changes can even the day before you plan to travel or do an activity.  Make sure to have back up plans, or as I like to call it a plan B, C or D.  Travel to the National Parks have been very popular.  Travel to Florida has increased and I was happy at the Disney Parks.  Travelers have made use of states that are closer to them.  An example of this is New Yorkers going to MA or ME for beach experience.  There are many places you can drive to which is probably safest.

I would love to talk to you about travel during the pandemic!  Reach out to me.  I have lots of ideas and thoughts.  Let’s discuss the travel restrictions for fewer surprises.  It’s time to plan to look forward to something!!


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