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Train across America

I dream about a train across America.  Sitting in the train and seeing America go by in the window as I take in it’s beauty.  Seeing everything and not having to worry about driving or getting on a plane.  Imagine sitting in your own room with your mask off and just enjoying the view.  Or maybe, you want to go up to the lounge and watch it pass by from another view (yes, you have to wear a mask while there). This is a dream for me!

During this pandemic I have been attending many webinars on traveling by train across America. The great part is that I live close to a rail station and could start from home. This creates an opportunity to see places close to home I have only seen from the car window-it changes the perspective.  Thinking about how when I drive I am not taking in everything around me and now I can.  If you choose to start from someplace else, you certainly can.  Customization is the planning key for your train travel.

I would love to see as many of the National Parks as I can.  Having seen the Grand Canyon I know it is certainly worth another look and visit.  Have you seen the Grand Canyon??  If not, you should and I have yet to see a picture do it any justice.  The view is , quite frankly, beyond words.  With the Amtrak Vacations you get to stay in the park!!  This is true for all the other National Parks as well.

Safety is a top priority for Amtrak during this challenging time.  Amtrak is booking only at 50% capacity to help with this.  They have also increased cleaning, air filtration and so much more.  You will feel safe and comfortable as you travel across America.  Remember that you don’t have to wear you mask when you have your own private room.  Plus, you get your personal room attendant to take care of you.  Who doesn’t like to be spoiled??

When you are ready to see America make sure to reach out to me so we can plan your dream travel!

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