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Top 3 rides in each Disney park

Top 3 rides in each Disney Park is important for you.  The reason is it helps you to pick the right fastpasses reservations and plan your days in the parks.


1-Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland

2-Peter Pan in Fantasyland

3-Space Mountain (Tomorrowland)/Big Thunder Mountain (Frontierland)



1-Test Track


3-Frozen Ride (This is back in the World Showcase at Norway)



1-Millennium Falcon

2-Slinky Dog Dash

3-Rock N Roller Coaster/Toy Story Mania



1-Avatar Flight of Passage

2-Na’vi River Ride

3-Expedition Everest


I am not saying the other rides or attractions are not busy I am only saying these are the busiest ones.  Avatar Flight of Passage still is ranking as the hardest ride to get a Fastpass for.  I am sure Millennium Falcon is going to get up there.

If on site you can book 180 days from arrival day and if off site then 30 days out from each park day at 7 AM.  Use this link to know those dates 60 day calculator

Do not under estimate the classic rides for popularity and getting Fastpasses.  Also, keep in mind that Magic kingdom has the most rise which is why it is often a good idea to have 2 days there.  This is especially important with little ones.  Personally, I love the classic rides and try to go on them each time I am there.  Many of you have seen and heard my It’s a Small World live videos. Yes, I know the song gets stuck in your head, sorry.

Remember to pick the right rides for your Fastpasses and to pick them early.  Don’t forget how important it is to have a game plan for your day in the park.  Planning at Disney in advance creates less stress when you are there.  Disney planning encourages fun instead of stress.

If you want your Disney planning to be easy, call Colleen Parisi! Testimonials

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