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Animal Kingdom’s Newest restaurant and it is a Signature Dining at Disney. Other than the food being amazing, which it is, you will walk past Tiffin’s on your way to the new Avatar land.

Tiffin’s has multiple rooms with different decors and feelings to each of them.  Once again, Disney has outdone the theming!  They even have the notebooks and journals of the imagineers that did the research for theming development in cases throughout the restaurant. We received a print as a gift for dining there- beautiful!!

The food is not your regular or run of the mill.  They use unique flavoring and food items to create a unique dining experience! If you are a foodie this is a must for you! I would not necessarily recommend it to someone who has conservative tastes and can be challenging with younger children.

When you go make sure to take time to look around the restaurant-good for the tummy and the eyes!!avatarland-pre-1

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