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Thriving at Disney during the summer months!

Thriving at Disney during the summer months is possible with good planning!  Not just surviving at Disney in the summer months, but actually thriving.  I truly never thought I would be going to Disney during the hottest months of the year!  When I was first asked I said an adamant NO!  Then it was brought to my attention that I needed to experience this so I could better advise my clients on how to enjoy this time of the year at Disney.  Let me tell you all about what I learned. It is DEFINITELY hot and humid in the summer months.

Asking many people for their tips and tricks to beating the heat while in Florida was how I started.  Friends who live or lived in Florida so they have real life experience with this are key. The most important, and I cannot stress this enough, is to HYDRATE!  Think you are drinking enough then you need to still drink more.  Look at it this way, if you are not in the restrooms every hour then you are not drinking enough.  Water is the key, plain water!!  Disney provides ice cold water for it’s guests at all of the quick service locations or you can buy bottled water, currently at $3.50 a bottle. Personally I find the Florida water to have a funny taste which means I pay for the bottled water.

Remember you can also bring water into the park with you as long as it is not in a glass container. It still costs less then missing a day or time in the parts or going to the hospital from the heat. Please also watch your electrolytes which is possible with Gatorade after 2 waters works for me.  I carry the packets into the park with me and pour into a water bottle.  I find it is lighter and it gives me more options.

Another great tip is to know which rides or attractions you can stop into to cool off.  If you can go inside to a show and be seated in the AC it is totally refreshing!!  You can come out a new person.  Also, do not underestimate the importance of a table service dining experience to refuel your food, sit in the AC, re hydrate yourself and thus recharging yourself.  You can even stop into any of the may shops just to cool off for a bit or to dodge the rain.  Each park has many of these opportunities for you.  Know them BEFORE you go!

I had purchased a misting fan but it never even made it out of the bag, Even though I did carry into the park for about 3 days but not after that due to lack of use.  Watching MANY people with the misting fans so this could be very helpful for you having used one in the past with great success, but not on this recent trip.  My cooling towel certainly made me feel better and truly cooler which was great!  My cooling towel was a Mickey one but the Frogg Toggs come highly recommended. NOTE: I carried it into the park in a quart size zip lock and was able to put it there when I wasn’t wearing so that I didn’t get everything wet.

Let’s not forget about the all important sunscreen!!  You put it on first thing in the morning before you leave your room and make sure to bring some with you to reapply as the day goes on.  You can use a lotion or a spray, so many options to choose from. Make sure to carry a travel size into the parks but use the full size one back at my room in the morning. You can THRIVE in the heat and humidity at Disney in the summer you just have to plan for success with these tips!  I found from my trip last month that thriving and NOT just surviving the Florida heat is not only possible it is PROBABLE.  Hoping that this information has helped you to know how to thrive while at Disney in the hot summer months.  Also, how to plan a successful trip to Disney!

I leave you with these top 3 tips and tools to utilize:
3-Breaks into cool, sit-down rides/attractions or dining for breaks

Disney Hot in July of Colleen Parisi


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