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The story of how A Walk in the Park got started

Many people ask how I got into this business? What motivated me to do what I do? How did I decide to start planning at Disney?  Let me tell you about that and my love of Disney that gave birth to A Walk in the Park with Colleen.

My business really started over 20 years ago as I sat holding our nephew as he was 3 days old, I made him a promise that “If I am not able to have children then when you are 5, we will take you to Disneyworld with your brother.  And my Disney dream was born!

As promised, when he was 5, we took him and his brother to DisneyWorld.  I had done all kinds of research to make sure it was a great trip.  Unfortunately, my research was not enough, so we had a good trip but not a great trip.  I set out to correct this for future niece and nephew trips.

Having a great time at Disney became my mission.  I would read anything I could find- books, websites, newsletter, magazines, you name it I read it-EVERYTHING!!  We also started traveling to Disney 1-3 times per year and became annual pass holders. It became my vision to learn everything I could to make it a great time!

As my husband and I took each of our nieces/nephews on their Disney trip, we have strived to create a great Disney vacation specifically for each one.  I have made some incredible Disney friends and colleagues that I talk, email, Facebook, and everything we can. We share information or ask questions if we want to get great information on. I still can’t get enough information about Disney!

Soon family and friends started asking me to help plan their Disney vacations, which I did with great success.  As this continued I said to my husband, “When I ‘retire’ I want to start a Disney IN park planning service”.  As usual, he supported me in my dream and endeavor.  Retirement came early and A Walk in the Park with Colleen was born, my baby. With the creation of A Walk in the Park with Colleen, my mission of a great vacation is now provided to my clients.

With over 20 trips to Disney I will create your great Disney experience! I use the latest information, updates and tools to maximize your time in the parks. With time tested plans used by my clients, I will help you go from being stressed about the trip to looking forward to the fun. We plan for you to have fun!

At A Walk in the Park with Colleen, I help you create your magical Disney in park experience tailored to your interests and desires.  Disney is truly the place where dreams come true.

Thank you for listening and sharing my story.

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