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The New Avatarland opens on 5/27/17

I am sure you have all been hearing about the grand opening of Avatarland on 5/27/17.  I believe it is going to be absolutely amazing!! Everything I have read, seen or heard say only great things about it.  I think it will be amazing to see during the day, but I think that night time is going to be absolutely incredbile!!

They have added extra hours and Extra Magic hours (extra magic hours are for resort guests only) to be in the parks to check out the new Pandora.

As I had mentioned and was concerned on was how they would handle the 2 new rides with the Fastpass system.  The answer is that they are going to a “tiering ” system for Animal Kingdom. What this means is that the two Avatarland rides are Tier 1 and all the other rides or shows in the park are Tier 2.  You can only pick one tier 1 ride to start and 2 form tier 2.  If you don’t want either of the Tier 1 rides you can choose your 3 from the Tier 2 rides.

This si definitely something to plan for.


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