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Thank you to all the Veterans

Today I just want to thank you to all the Veterans who have served our Country and those that continue to serve.  Your service has helped this country.  You matter to me and to so many other people.  I repeat, thank you for your service and your contributions to this country.

I appreciate all that you do and all that you are.  Today is for you and for all that you have done.

Disney does offer discounts for Veterans for tickets : Veteran Tickets    Please feel free to call Disney and speak with a representative about any and all discounts you are eligible for.   You can also often purchase them at your local commissary.  Check with them as well.  Also, make sure you activate your tickets before getting into the parks to expedite starting your family adventure.

Disney also offers discounts for the resorts: Disney Resorts

The other option that many choose is stay at Shades of Green           This is very reasonably priced option at Disney World, if you are eligible.  Phone number is also included on the page link for Shades of Green for your questions.  Many of your regular questions can be answered with this website.

Please be aware that If you are in need of wheelchairs, ecvs, scooters or strollers you can rent from off site options and have delivered to the resort. You will have use of it from your room in the morning until you return to your room at night.  This can be a lifesaver for you and your family.  Make sure when renting that you ask if you have to be there when they deliver or if they will just leave at the resort-results will vary.

You deserve this discount.  Thank you for your commitment.

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