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I would not have known about the app and I’m glad we had it…for the schedule, the photos, the map, and mobile ordering.

It was so easy to order food and just skip the line. I can’t believe that people don’t take advantage of it, especially during a peak season. It sure was packed and lines were long.

Your help was so valuable from just the ease of planning the reservations and fast passes.

Thank you for being available when I had those questions during our trip. Your planning was very organized and easy. Oh and your tip about carrying the actual card for the entrance in addition to the magic band was helpful. My little guy left his in the car one day but I had it on me as a back up so no worries.

Thank you again! This trip, thanks to you, made me a Disney addict. Would love to go again and will call on you for help.


I am so grateful to have had Colleen https://www.facebook.com/AWalkintheParkwithColleen/

Help with all the booking/planning for our recent Disney trip! Not only did she handle the bookings of the meals and fast passes but she created an itinerary for each day which was structured enough to keep us on track while offering flexibility to handle whatever the day brought us! Colleen helped planning AND during our trip!! I am forever grateful!

We had fun, as you can see from our photos, because she took the stress out of it! If you are even thinking of a Disney trip—contact her today!!- Vicki C.


Disney was amazing!! All of our plans came to fruition! We even ran into my nephew’s family more than we had planned and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with them at Tony’s. We only got to ride Slinky Dog once but had only a 30 minute wait. Loved it! Rode the Millennium Falcon twice with only 40 minute and 60 minute wait times! My grandson rode Rockin Rollercoaster for the first time and loved it. He also rode Expedition Everest twice but is not a fan…..yet lol. 

Dinner for the first time was at Be Our Guest and sat in the West Wing which is where I hoped we would be seated. Love the Beast and after dinner we went to meet him. He spent a good deal of time with us and waltzed with my son’s girlfriend (favorite movie) she had tears of joy running down her face, literally! 

I could go on forever! Disney is expensive and many do not understand spending that kind of money. But for those of us that love Disney it’s memories that you can’t put a price on it. You had insights that helped me to make the most of our time in the parks. Thanks so much for your service. I would highly recommend you to anyone planning a trip to Disney!-Leslie


A huge thank you to Colleen! We just got back from our family vacation to Disney and had a blast. It was truly a once in a lifetime vacation for us and it went seamless thanks to all the time and planning that Colleen put into it. With all the character dining and fastpass reservations we were able to see and do everything we wanted with little to no wait and made so many great memories. Colleen is truly a Disney expert and I would recommend her to anyone who wants help planning that special Disney vacation! – Kim D.
“Dear Colleen aka, Fairy Godmother, From our family to yours, Thank you! For the ride of a lifetime and for helping us with the “Best Trip Ever” to Walt Disney World.  A true Wow moment for the family, that we will never forget.  You delivered our family to Walt Disney World, first class and in style!  The vacation went off without a hitch, all due to your experience and expertise planning our entire itinerary.  My wife and kids couldn’t of been happier with their first trip to the World of the mouse and an amazing time had by all.  Did we have fun in the Parks?  You bet we did.  We were treated to perfection every step of the way, from accommodations at the Polynesian Resort, breakfast with the Princesses in the Castle, Chef Mickeys, Ohana, planned sit down meals, best time to hit which rides and attractions, must see and dos in each park and not to mention fast passes to all our must haves.  Colleen, You rock!  Your services are priceless, its what you do and it shows that you love what you do AND that’s what makes the difference.  Can’t wait to start planning our next vacation and having you sprinkle , once again, a little Disney magic upon us.  Love, the G Family.  Thank you!!”

“Have you gone to Disney and been totally overwhelmed? Or spent too much time waiting for a special ride/attraction/character? How about knowing where to eat?

Talk with Colleen. We used her when we had our trip last year. And every penny was worth it! She took care of my dining and FastPass reservations. She was there when I had to change a dining reservation at the last minute. Colleen helped when most rides were closed due to lightening.

Seriously. Call Colleen.”

“Okay, Colleen, here’s the gist of my reaction- we could not have done this without you!  A and I asked each other, while we were in the airport waiting to leave Orlando, if there was anything we’d change about the trip.  There was NOTHING we’d do differently! It was a quick decision on my part to agree to the “deluxe service” where you did all the hard work of booking our complete schedule- Fast Passes and meals.  

You got us things we never could have gotten on our own- the one that sticks out in my memory is the Chef Mickey character buffet at the Contemporary Resort.  I REALLY wanted that for our grandsons, and you got it for us, and it was amazing to see him throw his arms around Mickey and holler, “I love you so much, Mickey!”  

I will be whatever kind of reference you want- you can quote me, you can give prospective clients my email so I can tell them myself how wonderful you are- whatever will help you, I will do. We invested a lot of money and love in this trip; we had to go during the busiest week of the year, and we saw a lot of people waiting forever in lines- but because of you, we never waited more than 10 minutes for anything, and when you are traveling with two grandsons, six and four years old, waiting is the last thing you want to have to do. Claire B.


While I’ve never used Colleen’s services…I can tell you that she knows her stuff.  She’s got it down and what we call a “Disney Fanatic”.  Who is we?  Cast Members….and I’m a former one of a decade.  Cast Members would often joke that some of the fanatics knew Disney better than we did.  Colleen is an example of that.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, and want to make the most of your experience, call Colleen.  She can definitely help to take the stress away, after all, you’re going on vacation…why stress?  WDW is 48 square miles to put it into perspective, twice the size of the island of Manhattan.  I don’t know about you, but when I go to the city I use a Map and guide to get around.  Colleen is all of that in one with Walt Disney World.”


Colleen was a great help in planning my Disney vacation! She was able to provide valuable information, set up fast passes, restaurant reservations and help with small details. I would completely recommend her services. She was able to answer all of our questions, even while we were at the park!-Connie M.


Colleen is a master of her craft. She made it possible for me to actually enjoy two weeks in Disney with 4 kids while working. Thanks to Colleen, I had time blocked out during each day for work and maps of each park with ideal work spots circled. Additionally, she helped me plan important time with my family and also had all of the baby care centers highlighted for me on each park map! Each day I had one page of notes/suggestions from Colleen and my map for whichever park I was visiting- it was THAT easy! Colleen also took the time to text me every so often to check in and make sure I was having a good time. Her level of care and attention to detail is unprecedented. A Walk in the Park with Colleen takes concierge service to a new level!-Andrea S.


I can’t imagine a more perfect vacation. Disney is an ever changing venue and I can not imagine what my trip would have been like without Colleen’s help.  My husband invited his son and his family (wife and 2 daughters)to join us for a week in Orlando for Thanksgiving week.  Colleen planned our 3 days in the Disney parks from sunrise to sunset.  The itinerary worked out perfectly and the girls  had the time of their lives.  Breakfast with the princesses was the goal and a week before we left Colleen called with the news that she had booked breakfast with the princesses. What a wonderful trip and I looked like a star because I had everything arranged.  Colleen even followed up after the trip to show me how to put boarders and stickers around the photos. Never go to Disney without Colleen.” -Deb


“I would like to take a moment to express just how grateful my wife and I are to Colleen on the thorough and detailed job helping us to plan our honeymoon at Disney.  Colleen sat down with us over a year before going and helped us make a list of everything we wanted to experience as well as giving us several ideas we would have never thought of.  Our reservations for dining and rides were waiting for us with no problems and created such a magical experience for my wife and I that we will never forget.  I would highly recommend A Walk in the Park with Colleen for anyone looking to have a magical time at Disney.”  – Douglas


“Just want to say thank you to Colleen for helping me plan many trips. We are in the process of planning a trip in October for my daughters bday. Colleen has made it come true. With making all of the dinner reservations for us and getting our Halloween party tickets. For anyone trying to plan a trip getting up early for reservations is crucial and Colleen does that. Colleen’s endless inside hints about Disney world they have helped many times. If anyone is questioning is it worth it to have help planning YES. I appreciate all the help and work you’ve done for Mickayla and myself. Can’t wait for October to come.” – Corey