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Disney Planner

Are you looking for a Disney planner?  Someone who is near you and available to you?  Look no further, I am here for you.  I love to assist my clients with all their Disney needs and dreams.  What are your Disney dreams?? A-What I can help you with: -Disney Resort...

Disney Genie+

Since Disney announced the new Disney Genie, Disney Genie+ and Lightning lane we have had more questions than answers. This is what we do know: 1-Disney Genie is a free service for Disney guests.  It is designed to help you maximize your time in the parks by knowing...

Disney updates

Disney updates are happening fast and furious.  It is so important to keep up on the changes BEFORE you arrive at Disney.  Follow me on Facebook to keep up on all the changes.  Another way is to sign up for my monthly newsletter. I cannot over stress the importance of...

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