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Summertime at Disney, are you ready??

Going to Disney in the summertime brings on some additional challenges that I wanted to bring up.  It is more important than ever to plan your Disney experience.  Plan for the heat and the humidity so you don’t wipe yourself out, make yourself sick and especially shorten up your tempers.

Here are a couple of helpful hints:

1-Cooling Towels-  You can buy at Disney or buy in advance.  Invest in a good quality one to really help you.  I tried a cheap one and it did not work. I now invest in better quality ones.  A friend of mine recommends Frogg Toggs.  You can find them on Amazon.

2-Hydrate, hydrate, Hydrate- Do not underestimate this one!!

3-Invest in some wicking clothing to keep you cool.

4-Plan for breaks.  By breaks I mean possibly going back to your Disney resort or hotel, enjoying a table service in the AC, going to/riding a ride/attraction that is inside and seated.   Magic Kingdom-Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents, Laugh Floor Comedy or Country Bears Jamboree.  Epcot-Spaceship Earth, American Adventure Show and France Show.  Hollywood Studios Frozen and Little Mermaid.  Animal Kingdom-Festival of Lion King and Finding Nemo shows.  Build these into your plans.

5-Rain poncho.  Expect that afternoon downpour and be prepared.  With the humidity you won’t dry off and that will get uncomfortable fast.

I am trying my first summer trip this year.  I will report back on how I do it and what works.  I may even get a new mister to keep cool.

Thank you and keep comfortable and enjoy!!

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