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Summer has arrived in Florida!

To me it seems like it is summer most of the year in Florida. I am not a fan of the heat and humidity.  That is one of the reasons I encourage people to hydrate while in Florida, I know how important it is.

The southern schools are out or about to be out for the summer.  The result of this is the increase in the crowds at Disney.  Yes, summer is a very busy time at Disney.

June through mid August is very busy at Disney.  Many people, from all over the world, will be taking vacation.  If this includes you then make sure you are planning at Disney for the crowds and the heat.

I suggest watching my videos on YouTube with the top 10 tips for being at Disney.  This will help you have a better time and less stress for your Disney vacation.  Disney should be all about the fun.

Make sure to check out the parks hours, most of them have had changes including EMH (extra magic hours) for guests staying on site. Particularly for Flights of Passage at Animal Kingdom and The New Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios.  I normally am not a huge fan of the EMH but have found them to be VERY helpful to ride the new rides.  Last year I tried it for Animal Kingdom and was able to ride Flights of Passage and Na’vi River and get onto the Kilimanjaro Safari by 9 AM (EMH was for 8 AM).  Note: the scheduled EMH open time was 8 and they opened at 745 AM.  Be ready for that and be there early.

Also, when I was there earlier this year, the regular scheduled opening for Animal Kingdom was 9 AM and they were opened by 830 AM, again, be prepared and be early. It is important for your planning at Disney.

I know it can be hard to get up early in the morning, especially if you had a late night, but it is very important. Also, remember it is also about the coolest time of the day.

Be prepared, summer has arrived in Florida!!

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