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Strollers are a must at Disney!  You will be surprised by children that normally don’t need them will be needing them.  They may start the day out of them but certainly in them by end of day.  They are doing so much and trying to take it all in- it is exhausting!!

Beware of some people that use the strollers to push their way through the crowds as well-it can become very scary.  I ask that people with strollers be kind and careful.  I also ask people to not try to jump in front of the strollers or try to get ahead of them because you are afraid it will slow you down or make you wait longer.  Patience and kindness is my request for both the stroller pusher and the stroller free people.  You will still get to your destination fine.

I believe that you know your children best about if they need or do not need a stroller.  I recommend that probably up to age 8 or even 10 a stroller is helpful.  Many years ago, I went through the carry the child because you didn’t get the stroller, not fun.  They somehow manage to gain weight while you carry them (not sure how this happens but it does).

You can bring your own stroller, rent from Disney, buy one there, or rent from off site.  Remember to plan for this;)

Enjoy your magical day with the little ones!mk_pfthbluec1char_7474212835

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