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Strollers at Disney

Asking if you need strollers at Disney is a big question.  many believe that their children do not need one as they don’t use at home.  I am cautioning you about this as you will probably walk over 5 miles a day.  Do you do that at home??  Let us not forget about the over stimulus from everything around them-sound, sights, smells, etc.

Here are questions to ask to decide if you need strollers:

-How far do your children walk in a day?

-Remember you will need to get back to your room at end of night therefore you may want one

-Thinking about the walk from the park to the busses is another consideration

-Will it make it easier to carry your “stuff” for the day?

-How old are your children?  I have seen up to age 10 wanting a stroller.  You know your child best.

-Did you know you can rent strollers at Disney in the parks? Or rent from off site supplier for duration.  This gives you room to room stroller usage.

-Are you aware of the size and style limits for Disney?

-Prepping to carry your child if they do get tired??


Scooters and Wheel chairs are another Disney question.  Here are some questions for you about them:

-How much can you walk in a day?

-If you get too tired will you ruin your day or other people in your travel party?

-Did you know you can rent wheel chairs and ECV in parks as available only?

-Off site locations for rentals are available as well therefore giving you a ride from room to room

-Do you need this to enjoy your vacation?


Encouraging you to be very honest with yourself about the need for strollers or wheelchairs at Disney.  Reach out with questions.

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