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Stitch and the Disney moment

I want to thank my husband for his support of my “Disney habit”.  He has come to love Disney as much as me.  He tells me that he loves to come her to watch me become a little kid again and atch me get excited at everything there.  He helps me to make all these Disney moments come true.

I remember the first time my husband was able to do a meet and greet with Stitch.  My husband is a huge Stitch fan, he also behaves like Stuitch at times-a bit mischievous.

We had recently ridden Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and he say the wet paint signs that had been posted on the benches with Stitch on them.  He approached a cast member and asked if he could have a sign.  The cast member gave him an unused one.

We the proceded over to Tommorowland where the meet and greet with Stitch was.  When he got up there he was smiling, he gave Stitch a hug.  My husband then asked stitch to sign the sign, Stitch looked at him as if asking where he got the sign? My husbands face lit up and he replied “I took it off a wet bench”, and they both had a good laugh about it- this was a Disney moment.  Thank you.

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