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Splash Mountain

It has been a little over a month since we said a sad goodbye to Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom.  The mountain is looking different now and signs of Splash Mountain are disappearing very quickly.  This will make it sad to go back in that corner of Frontierland.  I thought you may enjoy a picture stroll through Splash Mountain.

I was able to enjoy riding Splash Mountain twice during my January 2023 visit to Magic Kingdom.  The first time I took lots of pictures but the second time I just took it all in.  It was very sad to me.  What do you think??

Here are some interesting facts;

1-You drop 52 feet at the end

2-The ride is based upon the movie “Song of the South”

3-The drops were all different in the 3 Disney parks this ride was at

4-You will get wet you may get soaked (wonder if this will stay the same for Tiana??)

5-965,000 galloons of water is flowing during the ride

6-Hidden Mickey’s abound

7-It’s home of the largest animatronic props ever built

This ride was Br’er Rabbit’s trip to basically running away from home in his Briar Patch.  He has always run ins with Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox and in this ride it looks like he is going to finally lose, he does not. It’s a fun trip through the Br’er patch and visiting all the creatures that live there together in harmony.

Do you have more questions about the rides at Disney?  Then let’s talk!  What other rides does Disney offer?

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