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Space 220

Have you been lucky enough to try Space 220 at Epcot?  Space 220 is available for restaurant or lounge option.  I was lucky to try the restaurant.

This is not just a dining it’s a whole experience!  You enter to the reception area awaiting the ride up to the restaurant 220 miles above the earth.  It looks different going up as well as coming down-which it should.  You really do get caught up in the moment and feel the adventure as well as the experience.

Dinner is a one price and choose an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert.  Currently priced at $79 for adults and $29 for children (age 3-9).  You can also add side dishes of a 1.5 pound lobster stuffed with crab or a 24 oz. bone in ribeye as well as roasted fingerling potatoes, fried potato wedges, Brussel sprouts and broccolini.  You have quite the selection to choose from and it may be hard to narrow it down.  I found it hardest to choose the right dessert for me- I love good desserts!!

Specialty drinks and specialty cocktails are available to pick from.  The children drinks get pop rocks with them and the limited addition collectors cards.  These are a sought after souvenir from this experience.  The specialty cocktails were fun to try and i did enjoy them.

While enjoying the food and the beverages you can watch the space world go by.  You see people in space suits, space ships and so much more.  You need to keep your eyes on the windows so that you don’t miss anything.  This is definitely part of the whole Space 220 experience! Kids and adults alike will enjoy this space experience and dining at Epcot’s new Space 220 restaurant and lounge.

This is why you want to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. It’s time to start planning your magical vacation!!

Space 220


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