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Single Rider

Single Rider line, do you use it?? Please do!! But do so smartly.
These rides have single rider lines:
-Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)
-Test Track (Epcot)
-Rock N Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios)
-Millennium Falcon (Hollywood Studios)
YOU WILL BE SPLIT UP! The cast members will remind you of this. I remind you of this as I had a very sad experience happen one time at Test Track.
My nephew, age 18, and I were on Test Track vis Fastpass. As you may or may not know, Test Track is a 3 across seating with 2 rows per car. A young girl was place next to me in the third seat. This young child, maybe 8. I casually looked at the back seat and saw 20ish adults, definitely not the parents.
She was struggling with the seat belt so I helped her. Asking her where her parents were. She said they had to split up in order to go on the ride but her younger sister did get to go with her Dad. I was floored.
The young girl then started saying she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do the ride. I told her she could hold my hand or even lean into me if she needed to. This girl stayed on the ride and loved it! At the end of the ride we started walking out with her. I asked if she had a meet up spot with her parents or if she remembered what they wore today, the answer was no.
We were about to bring her to a cast member when the automatic door to outside opened and I saw a woman with absolute fear in her face and the little girl yelled “Hi Mommy”. The relief on her face was very visible. She looked at me as to say thank you. 
My mind wanted to tell the Mom that no ride is worth the risk of losing your child or having something bad happen to them. Voices in my head wanted to tell her she was crazy to do what she did, but I didn’t. Seeing the look on her face she had suffered enough. So, I nodded and walked away but have never forgotten that incident.

Remember, the single rider is a great tool to use at Disney. I only ask you use it smartly and know that you WILL be separated. I don’t want you to be that Mom or that Dad. Enjoy the use of the single rider line to help to maximize your time in the parks. Let’s talk Disney tips!

Epcot Test Track Entrance

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