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It’s a New Year and this means time to start saving, saving for the Disney trip or maybe for somewhere else.  I usually prefer Disney:)

I always suggest using the 52 week challenge, a dollar for each week number ($1 for week 1 and $5 for week 5, etc.) It saves close to $1400 over a year, imagine if you double that!!!

It makes it much easier to save slowly then to write one big check out, at least for me it does.

Make sure to look at ALL costs- Travel (air, car, etc.), Hotel, Park Tickets, Food,  and Souvenirs.  BE PREPARED!!

Don’t be afraid to ask for Disney gift cards for gifts, they can add up quickly.  The Disney gift cards can be used to cover all the costs listed above.

Enjoy your savings so you can enjoy your vacation, you earned it!!


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