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Rope Drop at Disney!

What does rope drop mean at Disney?  It simply means to be a the park prior to opening so that as soon as they open (drop the rope in the older days) that you then are in the first groups entering the park.  IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO BE THERE BEFORE PARK OPENING-ROPE DROP.  Planning at Disney will be your key to success.

The advantages are being able to be the first in line for rides and also to get more accomplished.  Maybe you want to try to ride your favorite ride twice-fastpass it for one and go there first thing in the morning.  Or maybe you were unable to get a fastpass for your favorite/must do ride so go there first thing in the morning.

I have been at Magic Kingdom and within 60 minutes U have already been on 4 rides, one even twice!

Make sure to know your hours for the parks BEFORE you go.  Here is a link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/calendars/five-day/

If you are staying on-site(At a Disney Resort or Disney Friendly Neighbor Resort) you will be eligible for Extra magic Hours (EMH).  This is when only Disney Resort guests can be in the parks riding rides.  It is usually one hour in the morning or two hours at night.  These CAN be great but also busy.  Remember there are over 25 Disney Resorts and they all have the same idea of going to that park.  If you care going to participate in this PLEASE be there for when it first starts.  This will help you to maximize your time and rides.  I have done this at Animal Kingdom to ride Flights of Passage and Na’vi river and get on the Safari with that additional hour.

Sometimes it is a good idea to go for the Extra Magic Hours in the Morning then hop to another park.  The reverse is if you are at another park during the day to hop over to the EMH night hours park.  Make sure not to plan anything too early the next day. Check out this link: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/extra-magic-hours/

If you are not staying at a Disney Resort then you probably want to avoid the park with EMH as they will have the jump start on you AND MANY people are going to be there.

This Fall Disney has added Extra Extra magic Hours from 9/1/19 to 11/2/19 which is Hollywood Studios opening 6-9 AM , Magic Kingdom  7-8 AM and Animal Kingdom 7-8 AM DAILY.  During this time resort guests will have the “drop” on non-resort guests.  Make sure to plan accordingly.  Here is more information :https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/extra-extra-magic-hours/

Make sure to know your hours, get to the parks early to maximize what you can accomplish and have a great time!!




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