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Rides and Attractions for hot day rest

Ever wonder what Disney rides and attractions for hot day rest were available??  Here is a list below for each park.  I am happy to consult with you on this.

Here is my list of Disney rides and attractions for hot day rest for each park as well as using the first aid centers.

Magic Kingdom–                                                              Hollywood Studios

Enchanted Tiki Room                                                          Frozen Show (this is about 25 minutes long)

Pirates of the Caribbean                                                     Mickey and Minnie Picnic Short

Country Bear Jamboree                                                      Muppets

Hall of Presidents                                                                 Walt Disney Presents (this is a walk thru so you decide the time indoors with AC)

Haunted Mansion (30 minutes)                                             Voyage of the Little Mermaid (this is about 25 minutes long)

Mickey’s Philharmagic

It’s a Small World                                                                 ANIMAL KINGDOM

Carousel of Progress (25 minutes long)                               Nemo Show (this is about 25 minutes long)

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor                                                    Festival of the Lion King   (this is about 30 minutes long)

Enchanted Tiki Room                                                          Bugs Life

Pirates of the Caribbean

Country Bear Jamboree                                                     EPCOT-

Hall of Presidents                                                               American Adventure and Singing there (this is about 25 minutes long)

Haunted Mansion                                                               Impressions de France and Beauty & The Beast Sing Along

Mickey’s Philharmagic                                                       O Canada 360 degree movie

It’s a Small World  (this is a short ride)                              China pavilion Movie in 360 degrees

I recommend keeping this list handy to help you decide where to go when you are looking for rides and attractions for a hot day rest. Know that every Disney Park has a First Aid Center .  Be safe and be well.

Disney inside ride

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