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Rest day at Disney

Trying to go go go every day at Disney is going to have you come back from vacation and NEED a vacation to recover.  Plan a down day about half way through.  This can mean just relaxing, swimming, shopping, just not being in a park. You can go and check out the various resorts.  It is great to see them all and see the incredible theming that Disney does!! This is especially good around Christmas time.  All the resorts get decked out in their Christmas best, it is certainly a site to behold and take lots of pictures.

Plan for the rest day, then plan to rest.  It will reenergize you for the rest of your vacation.  Your vacation is meant for fun, not to be exhausted from.  Enjoy the day, even if it is not in the parks.  Maybe go play miniature golf….wdw012013-355

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