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Purchase Genie+

Do you need to purchase Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes to enjoy Disney?  My answer is yes.

It is important to understand the whole Genie, Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane system in order to maximize your time (and money) at Disney.


-The Genie is a free program that is part of Disney’s My Disney Experience App that gives you wait times, suggested itineraries and so much more.
-Genie+ is a paid service ($15/day/person plus tax) that works like the old “fastpass” system and gives you access to MOST rides in the parks for lightning lane
-Individual Lightning Lanes are a PAID service for the top 2 rides in each park where the price varies by day and park.  You will find out the price the day you are in the park.  The price ranges from $7 to $15 usually.
-New Genie+ lightning lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes are available at 7 AM the day you are going into the park not before for Disney Resort Guests.  For off site guests it is 7 AM for Genie+ and at park opening for Individual Lightning Lanes.

Genie+ is a paid service at Disney

-This includes purchasing this service for $15/day/person, either in advance with tickets or day of entry into the park
-Think of this like a paid Fastpass service.  I dislike to pay the extra price but I dislike standing in line even more.
-You can have 1 Genie+ attraction at a time UNLESS the one you choose is over 2 hours out, then you can pick a 2nd one at the 2 hour mark.  It will show you your next available time in the Genie+ system  No need to try to tack but setting an alarm on your phone would be helpful

-At 7AM the day you are entering the park you may select your first Genie+ attraction lightning lane you would like-NOTE: You do not get to select the time you want for a return time with the Genie+ the system lets you know what is next available
-Yes, there are a limited number of Genie+ lightning lane passes for each day.  The more popular rides will go quickest.
-Explore and learn this system before you arrive at Disney.  It will make it much easier than trying to learn when you are there.

-You will have a one hour window in which to use your Genie+ pass you selected.  Make sure to keep an eye on the times.
-I hope this link will help you more: https://wdwprepschool.com/how-to-use-disney-genie-plus/

Individual Lightning Lanes at Disney
-This includes the top 2 rides in each park.
-Plan to get a maximum of 2 Individual Lightning Lane passes per day NOT per park
-Can only me used once per ride
-On site guest can purchase beginning at 7 AM, off site guests can begin at official park opening

-List of Lightning Lane Rides by park:
*Magic Kingdom- Seven dwarfs Mine Train
*Hollywood Studios-Rise of the Resistance
*Animal Kingdom-Avatar-Flight of passage and Expedition Everest

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