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Pressed pennies and 50th Anniversary Medallions

Do you collected pressed pennies and 50th Anniversary Medallions?  They can create memories and bring back memories. The pennies are an inexpensive way to collect (only $.51 per character)  and you can purchase pressed pennies books to keep them safe and organize. The 50th Anniversary Medallions are more costly ($5 each or 4 for $15).  Personally, I like the medallions more.

The search for the pennies or medallions is kind of a scavenger hunt. Here is the link for the 50th Anniversary Medallions which is very helpful.  Their is a medallion for each of the 50 characters of the 50th Anniversary statues. I also give you the link for the pressed pennies. It is great fun and very entertaining to find them all!  This requires some planning to get to all the locations or multiple trips.

The medallions are a heavy weight and very shiny.  Disney did an amazing job with these medallions and I would recommend them but be aware they are at various resorts as well as parks and Disney Springs. I have a friend of mine who is collecting them for her grandson.  Who will you collect them for?  it can be for yourself as well.

Their is a greater assortment of pressed pennies to be found.  More characters and more locations-like resorts or rides.  This tends to be an ongoing endeavor to collect all of them.  Disney also updates and adds to the collection on a regular basis.  Which do you want to collect?? Is it characters, rides or particular group that you want?  All choices are good choices.

The medallions are easiest purchased with a credit or debit card.  Pennies can also be purchased this way if you like.  Carrying carry pennies and quarters with you is another option.  The mini M&M containers work really well.  I have other suggestions as well.

50th Anniversary Medallions

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