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Planning your next trip to Disney??

Planning your next trip? It seems I usually have already started planning my next trip even before I leave for the first one. I know it sounds crazy!!
Sadly, it truly isn’t for several reasons. If you have already started to plan the next trip it takes the stress away of trying to do “it all” on the first trip.  It is easier to take in a bit at a time then tons at once.
Also, most know I love to check out the Disney dining options. I am trying to get to EVERY Disney restaurant-they keep adding so it is challenging.
Remember dining reservations start 180 days out so we want to be ready when that day hits.
Thirdly, it helps to save money because you know the budget. Budget is a biggie for your trip and it is good to know what it is,also easier to save your $$ that way.
Enjoy and happy planning!!

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