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Planning your date at #Disneyworld

Yesterday I mentioned with planning the first thing to do is pick the date.  Today, I am going more in depth as to why, the pros and cons.

You may or may not know that Christmas week is the busiest time at Disney.  Followed closely by Thanksgiving week, New Years Week, and Spring Break weeks.  Also, do NOT believe that because it is so hot in Florida in summer that people do not go in the summer, in fact MANY do!! This is as many people do not want to take their kids out of school or go during a school break.  Summer is a very busy time at Disney.  Long holiday weekends will also be busy (Columbus Day, Memorial Day, etc.) also keep in mind that the southern sates tend to start school earlier in year and end earlier in year.

Better time (slower, not to be confused with slow-there are no slow times at Disney) are mid January to about mid February, mid April to mid May, late August until about late October, then mid November, lastly the first couple weeks of December.  Each of these have the pros and cons.

The important time is picking the best time for your needs and then planning your days in the park accordingly.  Plan by what is important to you and understand how the crow levels will affect your time at Disney.  Remember , no one should have a bad time at Disney:)image135

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