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Planning at Disney with little ones

When planning at Disney for little ones and sometimes big ones, you want to plan for breaks.  Usually it is best to go back to your resort.  There you can nap and or swim in the pool.  So many times I have heard from parents that when at Disney all the kids talk about is going back to the pool for swimming.  It frustrates the parents as they think about what they paid to be in the parks.  Think about it from a child’s perspective. This is much easier when you are staying on site.

If you are fortunate enough that they will fall asleep and stay asleep in the stroller, then you can continue on your merry way through the park while the child sleeps.  I have had some people tell me no way will the child sleep.  Each child is different.  You may want to go into a nice cool ride (like Carousel of Progress or Hall of Presidents) let them fall asleep and carry them out to your stroller.  You can enjoy the show and they will fall asleep and recoup. Yo know what your child will and will not do but be prepared.

You may get luck enough to find a nice shaded bench where you can sit back and relax for awhile, sometimes doing this several times will revive you and your child. It won’t hurt you either.

It is important to build these breaks into your schedules so that everyone enjoys themselves.  It also makes for a much more relaxing time in the parks, yes it can be relaxing in the parks.

Another way to have a break is to have a table service reservation.  It is nice and cool. You can eat and drink and enjoy your food and the calmer feeling inside the restaurants.  I prefer to use this way myself.  We have pictures of when we took two of our nephews, the first when they walked into lunch-dragging.  Then after lunch they were bouncing all over again.  it was fun to see:)

Anyway you do it, plan for breaks to keep the fun going!

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