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What my clients can expect from me and from Disney

Planning at Disney is important and using all knowing what resources are available is important too.  You can plan for so many things but also need to be prepared for what could happen.  You could have a magical moment!

Christmas at Disney!!  For many this a dream for me it is far from that. But, I am not talking about Christmas at Disney today. What can you and/or do you plan to get accomplished while you are there??

This is what I want to talk about today, expectations.  Expectations of my clients for what they can accomplish and what they can expect from me.  I find it is very important to discuss and make my clients very aware of what they can expect in the parks.

This can include:

-Bus rides times from their resorts or time needed to get from their off-site location to the parking lot and then to the park itself (don’t forget to anticipate the time to get through security too). This includes what time to arrive at each park. Certain parks tend to open prior to posted opening times. Get a jump start on those that arrive later. Example-Pandora Affect.

-Time to get onto rides/attractions with and without fastpasses. Ex.

-Crowd levels and flows. Certain days are busier in certain parks.  I want you in the least crowded day for that day in the parks. Ex. Epcot-Monday

-Dining choices.  Table vs. counter service, Pros and cons. Ex. Allergy menu

-What to expect or not expect from rides/attractions/shows.  RNR upside down.

-Amount of walking they will be doing-in two words comfortable shoes. Fitbit 14k-28k.

-The affects on too may late nights and early mornings, as well as the importance of taking a day off to just relax and rest. Ex. Short sleep create short tempers.

-The importance of staying hydrated.  Can make you sick to your stomach if not.

It is also important to let my clients know what to expect from me.

How I will take care of them planning for Disney, learning about Disney, making dining and ride reservations, educating them on the use of the My Disney Experience App, a day by day itinerary to know the best order to accomplish the rides and attractions.  Mostly, having someone they can reach out to (me) with any and all questions about their vacation.

Basically, I prep them to maximize their time in the parks by knowing what to, how to and when to enjoy their time.

It is important that I also make them understand flexibility.  Flexibility is important as something can and usually will go wrong we all hope it is a small thing.  Ex.

Another way I help my clients is by being available while they are in the parks.  I advise them to call, text or email me if something comes up.  I can give them an answer, tell them where to go in the park or a number to call to get the situation resolved.  They know me and have that relationship with me-they have comfort.

I educate my clients on the use of the My Disney Experience App.  Some of the items included in this app are:

-Dining reservations location, time and number. It also shows menus. Ex.

-Fastpass (ride) reservation times

-Disney Resort reservations (if applicable), this now also includes wait times for buses at your Disney Resort. Ex.

-Wait times on rides.  No longer need to run from one end of the park to another to find out how long the wait is for a ride. Ex.

-Show times for all shows, fireworks and parades

-Where to meet your favorite characters and the times they are there.

-Where the photopass photographers are and maximizing your use of them.

-Getting the next Fastpass (yes you can have more than the starting 3)

-Where the closest restroom is (very important when traveling with children) Ex.

-And so much more.  This is why the face to face meet ups with my clients are so important. Have done NYC, VT and GA, build relationship.

My goal is to have my clients relaxed and prepared when they enter the Disney parks.  They know what the game plan is for the day and how they are going to accomplish it.  They know they can reach out to a friend, me, with questions or concerns if they need to.  They are prepared to have fun and relax.


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